Best Pressure Washing Services Dayton Ohio Floor Care Tips

Keeping clean and stain-free floors on the terrace or in the garden can be complicated, this due to prolonged exposure to the sun and elements of nature. Keep reading about Best Pressure Washing Services Dayton Ohio Floor Care Tips. Follow the recommendations below to clean your floors properly as they are made of brick, cement or wood.

Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Basic Floor Care Tips

  • Use a special outdoor broom to sweep as much as you need to remove dust and debris.
  • Occasionally you can use a hose to remove substances or liquids that can stain the floor.
  • Start by cleaning with the mildest chemicals and cleansers. If these do not work, you can try stronger chemicals.
  • Before using cleaning products, sealants or dyes, read the instructions carefully.
  • To clean, use natural or plastic bristle brushes, not metal, as these can cause scratches.
  • Saturate the entire surface with water before using cleaning fluids to prevent them from staining the floor. Never let cleaning fluids dry on the floor.
  • Be sure to remove the floor cleaners with plenty of clean water thoroughly.
  • Avoid pressure washing, except concrete, as it can damage the floor. In the case of brick or stone, water can lift or damage the armholes between each other or cause the wood to chip.

Different Surfaces Types and Maintenance


Although the brick is extremely durable, a gentle cleaning is the best way to keep it well taken care of.

  • To keep the brick floor without that white residue that is accustomed to form above, avoid using chemicals with calcium Experts do not recommend sealing the brick, as sealants can trap moisture in the pores of the material, causing it to be damaged.
  • You must be aware of the plants that can grow between the armholes. The plants attract a lot of moisture towards the brick causing them to start to lift. Use pruning shears to root the plants.
  • For deep cleaning, use a concrete cleaner. Mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions and brush the entire brick floor with a hard brush or broom.
  • To remove stains, use muriatic acid (5 parts water per 1 acid) to remove stains on brick floors. You can place a cloth moistened with the solution on the stain to absorb it.
  • White spots can be removed with water and a hard bristle
  • To remove mold or moss, brush the brick with a solution of 1 part of chlorine per 10 parts of hot water.


  • Seal the concrete with a special sealant will make it more resistant to stains and will facilitate cleaning. If you decide to seal it, you prefer a penetrating concrete Never leave garden fertilizers on top of the cement because if it gets wet, it can leave permanent stains.
  • In a bucket, mix a multipurpose liquid cleaner or concrete cleaner with hot water and a hard brush or broom is firmly restraining the cement floor.
  • To remove oil stains from the car, place paper towels on the stain to absorb as much oil as possible. When paper towels no longer absorb more oil, pour over the cat litter stain and leave it all night. Remove the sand and repeat the process until no more oil is absorbed. If there is still a stain, mix one part of muriatic acid with five parts of water, apply with a brush and remove with water.
  • To remove grease stains from food, brush them with detergent powder and a little water.
  • To remove moss or mold, apply a solution of one part of chlorine to 10 parts of water in the whole area where organic matter is born.


The exterior wooden floor gives an adorable appearance to homes, but can easily be damaged without proper care. It is recommended that the exterior wood floors are always sealed. The best sealant for wood floors is the polyurethane varnish, as it is perfect for surfaces with high traffic. It is important that you find out what kind of wood your floor is to know whether to seal it or not.

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  • Once you have figured out if your wood needs to be sealed, this will be a process that you must repeat once a To apply a sealer, the first thing to do is to clean the floor of all stain, then sand and apply a dye to protect it more. Once these steps have been completed, you can apply the sealant or varnish.
  • In a bucket, mix 1 gallon of hot water and bleaching powder with oxygen. With this brush the floor with a soft bristle brush or broom. Rinse and repeat. The first pass will clean the moss or visible mold and the second will remove it completely. Do not use regular chlorine, as this destroys the glue that joins the woods.
  • To remove animal stains, rust, among others, you can mix a special wood cleaner with hot water, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and apply it with a soft brush or broom. Once the stains have been removed, rinse with water.

Professional Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio

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