5В SimpleВ TricksВ toВ

SharpenВ ThinkingВ

andВ MemoryВ Skills


• One of the golden rules of learning and

memory can be repeat, replicate, repeat.

• The brain likewise responds to novelty therefore repeating

a thing in a different way or at a unique

time is likely to make the most from the novelty impact and

allow you to build more robust memories.


• A day planner or smart phone diary can help

you keep track of appointments and activities

and can likewise serve as a journal when you write

anything that you would like to bear in mind.

• Writing down and arranging information

reinforces learning.

• Review current and previous day's entries for breakfast and dinner.

• If you use a planner and not a smart telephone, keep it in

the same area at home and take it to hand whenever

you leave.


• Learning faces and names is known as a particularly hard

task for many people.

• Moreover to reproducing a person's name, you can

as well associate the name with an image.

• Visualization strengthens the connection

you make between the face and the


• For example: Link the name Sandy with the photo

of a beach front, and picture Sandy around the beach.


• If you are having difficulty recalling a certain word or fact, you are able to cue yourself by giving related

details or " speaking around” the phrase, name, or fact.

Other practical strategies to cue include:

Using security alarms or a kitchen timer to remind you of

tasks or appointments.

Placing an object associated with the task you

must do in a prominent place in the home. For example ,

if you wish to order tickets into a play, keep a newspaper

ad for the enjoy near the telephone or computer.


• When you are trying to keep in mind a long list of items, it can help to group the things in units of 3 to


• This tactic capitalizes about organization and building

organizations, and helps to extend the capacity of

our immediate memory by simply chunking information

together instead of trying to keep in mind each item of...


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