On the first day from the communication week we were introduced to the ‘Four P's of Success' framework to help all of us find the right job. Our group spent a scheduled appointment on one of the P's particularly Passion. All of us used a funnel procedure starting from larger interests narrowing it down to each of our passions, before finalizing on a singular item that we may relate to and communicate efficiently. There was one common thread connecting a lot of my passions which finished in the final selection of ‘identifying trends/making forecasts' as a enthusiasm for me. One of the reasons I treasure my outdated job was that I had to be able to work in the strategy/business side for a traditional bank during the recession which allowed me to use this quite regularly. Concurrently, I seemed there was one more ‘passion' which i needed to check and was the primary reason for obtaining additional publicity by visiting a B-school in European countries, contrary to the suggestions of a few my buddies and elderly people. This is my deep affinity for playing team sports and my desire to set up a platform intended for sports system in India. Conversations with a couple of teammates helped me see that the underlying reason for my desire to stick to sports is definitely the impact it has had in the growth since an individual and a professional. I've already self volunteered for asking projects to get a multinational through the Sports Business Club and hope to employ this avenue to spot if this kind of passion can be something that can satisfy the two other P's of Potential and Income. In the meantime, I will focus on the previously identified passion. Having worked for a big bank in the US, I feel that the financial sector in India is in a nascent stage. I would sort out playing an important role inside the impending monetary revolution in India as my purpose for the future. I do believe that a essential differentiator (potential) will be the capacity to better identify the root causes driving selected behaviors and predict upcoming trends, something that requires a mixture of training, intelligence,...


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