Phase 1: Determining, conceptualising and measuring expansion

Chapter you: Defining, conceptualising and computing development Aims of the section

• To provide definitions from the groupings intended for poor nations of the world, including ‘Third World', ‘developing world' and ‘Global South'. • To summarize the space and conceptual limits of such terms and the current appropriateness. • To outline the type and procedures of creation as a principle as contested by students and policy-makers. • To measure how advancement has been measured in relation to signals such as Major National Product and Cash flow, and the Human Development Index, together with an analysis of the need for the Centuries Development Goals.

Learning targets

By the end of the chapter and relevant reading, you should be capable to: • discuss the different conditions used to describe the poorest countries of the world and explain the advantages and drawbacks of each a single • explain what the term ‘development' means • illustrate the different actions of creation, focusing on every capita GNP/GNI and the HDI and examine their comparative merits and limitations • outline the Millennium Advancement Goals, and identify the obstacles with their fulfilment through the Global Southern region.

Essential examining

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Further reading

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