Case: Mediquip SOCIAL FEAR

1 . Precisely what are Thaldorf's key strengths and weaknesses as a representative of Mediquip? Ans:

Weaknesses: --

1) Lack of ability to look for (or to appreciate importance of it) the requires and motivations of consumer. 2) Not enough preparedness/knowledge about the product: -- price approximate, list of clinics, collecting recommendations from existing clients proactively 3) Deficiency of building romantic relationship ability. Mediquip already accepted that all their competitors know the decision makers at client side a lot better than them and Mediquip is learning quicker. He was not able to identify the main element players in the beginning and their role(or level of influence) in the decision making process and thus he was not able to come up with a logical sales pitch to impress the decision manufacturers. Thaldorf would not make virtually any attempt to get out/confirm the 3rd decision machine. He likewise didn't go background operate to know the personalities of decision creators. 4) Insufficient convincing ability. He could not demonstrate to Hartman, the key decision maker, the technological brilliance of the merchandise. Hartman was clearly baffled when he cited that every competition is telling that their product is a hi-tech one particular 5) Thaldorf did not make any efforts to connect further more with Dr . Rufer who also might have had a significant effect in the decision making. Dr . Rufer was obviously unimpressed with Thaldorf's giving. 6) Lack of ability to set proper price technique. Pitching primarily as high tech product to get high price, this individual reduced the purchase price drastically bringing about contradicting his initial sales pitch..


1) Thaldorf was very sincere in following up, attaching with buyers for information. 2) Good at interacting with people who are friendly. He was in a position to impress Professor Steinborn by simply addressing most his problems regarding the item features when ever asked. He also connected well with him in a personal level as well. (asked about holiday, sailing experience). 3) He can good at leveraging...


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