Characterization Comparison-The Metamorphosis as well as the Judgment 1 ) Comparison between Georg Bendemann and Gregor Samsa(PROTAGONISTS) Similarities:

* " Indirect characterization”

* Active characters

* Stream of consciousness, which will depicts all their emotions

5. Round heroes

* Third-person point of view

* Author's depiction of those is prejudiced as it is autobiographic in a way 5. Character depicted through the method they interact with their superiors and inferiors in the account * All their way of coping with the climaxing of the story and the road blocks in their path-‘true test of character' 5. Both of their particular dark factors have been pictured via someone else's point-of-view, departing the possibility that it would be untrue. Variations:

2. Gregor has been given the device of flashback in The Metamorphosis unlike Georg in The View. * Unsuccessive[obs3], broken, interrupted ‘stream of consciousness' pertaining to Georg inside the Judgment, leaving us to infer or perhaps guess his emotions through the climax 2. Depiction of character's task dedication and skill level 2 . Comparison among Georg Bendemann's father and Gregor Samsa's father Similarities:

* Characterization depicted through ‘dialogue'

5. Indirect characterization

* Portrayal portrayed through changes in their treatment of their particular sons * Stream of Consciousness of protagonist offers us a general idea of their characters * Round personas


* Georg Bendemann's dad has a monologue which represents the orgasm of the account and acts to confuse the characterization of his character, while Gregor Samsa's father provides a one-sided characterization. * Flashback from Georg Bendemann's dad's point-of-view, simply no such fictional device intended for Gregor Samsa's father. 5. Georg Bendemann's father results in as a static character who does not expose his authentic self before the end although Gregor Samsa's father is more dynamic and changes through the course of the storyline.


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