Categories of Computers

According to the U. S. Census " Forty-four million people, or 42 percent, got at least one member who used the Internet at home in 2000" (Home Computer systems 2). Today, no doubt, more family members in the United States use pcs. Most people are mindful of the desktop computers which can be found in the home in addition to the workplace. What are the different types of personal computers and what are their uses? Computers can be classified in three several categories of residence computers, portable computers, and business personal computers including workstations and very computers.

First, just what computer? " While the term computer can apply to virtually any device that has a microprocessor in it, most people think of some type of computer as a unit that gets input through the user by using a mouse or perhaps keyboard, operations it in a few fashion and displays the actual result on a screen" (What are the Different p. 1). House computers are utilized by kids, teenagers, and adults. The PC or perhaps personal computer is manufactured used by one individual. The term, Mac, is a COMPUTER, but most of the people link personal computers with Glass windows software including Windows 98, Windows 2150, or Windows XP. A PERSONAL COMPUTER is actually a desktop that is designed to be taken in one set location. " Most desktops offer good luck, storage, and versatility at under their lightweight brethren" (What Are p. 3). A large number of desktop computers are used in the home and at job. Various types society have been created to meet specific requirements of the computer system user. The utilization of home computers or PCs can be intended for various uses such as education, work at home, personal communication through e-mail, to find knowledge about different topics, to look for recipes, and to play games.

The 2nd classification of computers is definitely portable pcs. This type of category includes lap tops and side tops. The personal digital associate or PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT was designed to help people stay organized. This was broadened upon now PDA's give you a...

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