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Leading Instructor Program

Themes & Domains


The training experiences reveal the themes of management, diversity and technology and they are infused through the Leading Educator Program.

Command: A leading teacher is a prolonged learner motivating a community of learners to pursue ongoing improvement and growth.

Selection: A leading instructor is a great advocate, creating learning encounters that display sensitivity, recognizing students of all abilities and valuing man differences.

Technology: A leading educator is a great architect building learning conditions that accept and combine the power of technology.

Fields and Expertise

Domain I: Learning Theorist

Becoming a Learning Theorist- this kind of domain focuses on an understanding of pedagogy as well as the cognitive and affective process that will addresses the learning requirements of people several.

Learning Theorist Competencies

1 ) A leading instructor understands just how people of all ages learn and develop which is able to show the ability to give learning opportunities that support their mental, social, and personal development. installment payments on your A leading tutor understands how people of all age ranges differ in their approaches to learning and is capable to demonstrate the cabability to create educational opportunities which can be adapted to diverse students. 3. A leading teacher understands the principles of effective verbal, nonverbal, and multimedia communication methods to foster effective inquiry and collaboration which is able to offer supportive connection in the classroom.

Domain 2: Curriculum Developer

Becoming a Subjects Designer- this domain focuses on curricular decisions based on study theory, educated practice, and recommendations with the learned societies.

Curriculum Designer Competencies

1 . A leading tutor understands the central concepts, curriculum methods, tools of inquiry, and structures in the discipline(s).

2 . A leading teacher...

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