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Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

Assistant Teacher

School of Business

Submitted by: (Section – D)

Protap Kumar Roy -- 111072001 Imran Khan Mohammod - 111072004

Khairul Islam Auvi -- 111072056

Sharmina Parveen Sormy - 111072116

Mishuk Saha - 111072140

United Intercontinental University

thirty first December, 08

Letter of Transmittal

December 23, 2008

Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

Assistant Teacher

School of Business

Combined International University

Subject: Obtain to Accept Term Paper

Dear Sir,

Were very pleased to transmit the term paper on " Review the Activities of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. ”. I was assigned to get ready and fill in this term paper while the partially fulfillment from the course eligible Business interaction (Course Code: Bus 2112).

We have tried our far better prepare this kind of term newspaper perfectly. On the other hand, this paper has been experienced by as well as cost constraint.

We will be appreciated, if you i implore you to accept this kind of term paper. We are willing to make you crystal clear regarding any confusion or perhaps further logic from this term paper.

Sincerely yours,


Protap Kumar Roy

ID: 111072001; Section: D

Software: B. W. A; Term: Fall -2008

(On account of the group)


Initially we want to thank the immutable GOD intended for his countless blessings and mercy. The almighty gave us enough hardworking functionality and perseverance which allowed us to complete this kind of term newspaper.

It is a real pleasure to express our greatest appreciation, genuine gratitude and heartiest gratefulness to our training course instructor Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman for his constant guidance, helpful recommendation and beneficial assistance. This individual helped all of us by giving his valuable period throughout this term paper. His reassurance and motivation helped all of us to get over all the problems.

We would like to thank most UIU faculties and products for making a genial and dedicated co-operation time to time.

We are likewise grateful to

1 . Kamrun Nahar

Executive, R & D, Info Department

Dhaka Stock Exchange.

2 . Md. Habibur Rhaman, Ph. D.

Mentor and Dean

School of Business

Usa International College or university.

3. Prof. Dr . Maryland. Sadiqul Islam

Coordinator, MBA & EMBA Programs

United International College or university

Professor, Section of financial,

Dhaka College or university.

Finally our deepest as a result of all of our friends for life long encouragement.


This is to inform you that term newspaper on " Review the actions of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. ” provides prepared by the student of B. B. A as a dependence on our Organization Communication (Course Code: Shuttle bus 2112) course under program instructor's(Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman) guidance and it is completely academic basis. So burning a sentence or any area of the term conventional paper is purely prohibited devoid of prior permission from the authority.

Group Leader:


Protap Kumar Roy

ID: 111072001; Section: D

Program: M. B. A; Semester: Land -2008

(On behalf with the group)


Part: Site:

Executive SummaryVIII


1 . 1 Objective 9

1 . two Scope 9

1 . a few Limitation 9

2 Literature survey

installment payments on your 1 What exactly is Stock Exchange10

2 . a couple of History of Inventory Exchange11

installment payments on your 3 Function of Stock Exchange12

a few Stock Exchange in Bangladesh13

three or more. 1 Good Stock Exchange in Bangladesh13

5. Function of Dhaka Stock Exchange:

(focus upon secondary discuss issue and its settlement) 12-15 5. Legal status 12-15

6. Trading day16

six. Trading...


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