Mark A. Glenn, Mar 13, 2012

Chapter 15 Ethics Situation

Social Networking is a huge part of our life. It is becoming a great deal larger than most people realize. Following reading the Ethics Situation I am once again torn. There are, of course , two edges to almost everything. The dilemma is whether you must allow work colleagues or perhaps your manager access to your own life through social networking sites including Facebook or Twitter.

Using one side from it, I believe it must be okay. This is the way to network in your career field. You make fresh acquaintances and friends in your place of work. Most people probably spend more time with work fellow workers than they are doing with their households, therefore these relationships generally become more than casual function relationships anyhow.

A person needs to be careful showing how they represent themselves in these online communities anyway. Typically are looking at these websites before they will even retain the services of a person. You should always represent yourself like a professional on-line no matter what. All you put on the web can potentially be viewed by any individual at any time.

I know some people like to maintain their personal lives totally separate using their professional lives, and that is all their right. Although at the same time, you should always be careful of what you placed on these online communities because they will still be looked at whether you friend a colleague or not. With that said, I lean a little more toward thinking that is definitely okay to blend your personal life with your professional lifestyle. Most of the time there isn't much separation between the two anyways.


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