D1) Evaluate just how nature and nurture may affect the physical, intellectual, mental and cultural development for infancy and adolescence.


To achieve D1 I am going to assess how nature and nurture can affect the PIES expansion at infancy and teenage years. Firstly character (when gift of money of genetics and qualities are involved) and foster (when environmental influences and just how people are helped bring up) can both influence a person's creation. In this evaluation I am going to assess how the character affects the PIES by infancy and what ideas are to their rear. Secondly how the nurture could affect the PIES in childhood. Then I goes on to examine how the nature can affect the PIES in adolescence after which how the foster can affect the PIES in adolescence. Just how Nature and Nurture affect the PIES development at infancy. Physical-Nature

The genetics that an infant may inherit from the fogeys can make a decision the height and weight of that person. As well if you will find any physical disabilities or abnormalities these can also be passed down from the father and mother to the infant. This can impact the child literally because it can affect their expansion, growth and motor expertise. Children have to build their very own muscle mass to be able to have the strength to produce as a person their age will need to. Disabilities or perhaps abnormalities can impact this. http://www.ehow.com/info_8314337_influences-contribute-physical-development-infants.html Also in case the mother has exposed her baby to alcohol the moment she is pregnant then the baby could be delivered with Fetal alcohol affliction. This can really affect a great infant's physical development. In the event the mother from the child can be stressed even though pregnant, this can also set pressure on the baby and may cause malocclusions. This means that when at the infant stage, the physical creation could go through. This can also be an outcome of smoking cigarettes whilst pregnant and weakness. If the father and mother have passed on certain family genes through the children's DNA in that case this can cause developmental problems that from infancy. Such as Cerebral Palsy and cystic fibrosis. http://www.ehow.com/about_5045762_hereditary-factors-affect-physical-development.html When a child is born they will eventually learn how to crawl, walk, talk etc . This is because in the genes they have inherited off their parents. There could be a delay in this advancement due to inherited conditions/diseases this means that it may take longer for them to develop physically yet usually they are going to eventually develop these milestones unless they have a condition or perhaps disease that disables them via being able to carry out physical issues. Physical-Nurture

Nurture affects an infant physically because the things surrounding them can effect what they do. One example is sport, if a child has become brought up to take pleasure from sport as they grow older through infancy and childhood the kid will probably be incredibly active and love to work out. As a child this would imply that they may be starting pre-school, gardening shop or working day facilities. Therefore the teachers and other kids will influence them to be physical by playing and also doing selected exercise. As well whilst going through infancy, pre-schools, nurseries or perhaps day centres usually provide healthy treats and drinks for the child to ensure they are really having the right food and vitamins the kid needs to have while not having to. At the childhood stage a routine of any child's working day can affect the kid physically the reason is , change may maybe indicate less workout, or a distinct routine of eating habits or how physical they are. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/babysitting/age-infant.html

An infant's physical development may be influenced throughout the environment in lots of ways. For example for a later stage of infancy if the child is definitely beginning to attempt to walk, they use items around them to support them. Usually persons around the kid will also help them learn to walk by possessing their arms but allowing them to move their particular feet and legs themselves....


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