Drama and suspense, one of the important things an author needs within their story to hold their audience entertained. Those two elements in a tale or movie, the audience would easily get bored. In order to build drama and suspense certain literary equipment are required.  In the short story, " Lamb to Slaughter”, mcdougal Roald Dahl builds up this kind of dramatic account by using imagery, irony, and strong character interaction, therefore  creating suspense and a little bit of humor. One of the literary gadgets that were accustomed to build crisis and uncertainty is symbolism. A landscape in the story that plays a role in imagery was your one that involved Mary and Patrick initially of the tale. " … She swung the big iced leg of lamb high in the air and brought this down because hard as she could on the back side of his head…” (154 Dahl). In this landscape Dahl uses imagery to demonstrate Mary's chaotic actions because she eliminates her partner. This occurred after Tanker gave Martha unpleasant reports.  This makes suspense and leaves your readers to problem her up coming actions. Another device that was used to create suspense in the story was character connection. A picture that included character connection was between Mary plus the detectives towards end of the story. " Why don't you take that lamb that's inside the oven? ” (161 Dahl) The scene that this quote occurred in was when Jane was aiming to convince those to eat the lamb lower leg that was used to eliminate her partner. Dahl interprets this landscape into the tale to illustrate Mary's intentions which was to reduce the evidence which creates uncertainty amongst the target audience. Without this kind of interaction, the scenario could change and the story can be less suspenseful. Dahl also used paradox to successfully create suspense and episode. A scene that shown irony was your last field in the account when the investigators were conversing while consuming the lamb leg. " Personally, I believe its right here on the areas. ” " Probably right under each of our noses. What you think Jack? ” (162 Dahl)...


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