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Managing Strategy

Course Code: BUSI 1484


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This course is designed to develop demonstrable expertise in the two subject area and general educational areas and although we do are expecting you to continue to work hard, you should be a lot more than rewarded simply by added employability that comes from getting skilled in this particular area. It is important to note that this training course will follow a STEP-LEARNING method. This means that weekly you will be learning a contemporary idea and exploring the application of this in the real-time business environment and will leave your site and go to learn a fresh concept in a few days. And steadily learn to create a full ideal appraisal method. All tests are straight linked to the Lecture, Guide Contents and many importantly to yours personal work. This course will allow you insight into the contemporary regarding corporate and business technique. The study course also provides you with a basis for adding the learning you may have already performed in other programs during your research. Therefore , the knowledge and abilities that you get from effective completion of this program can provide you the competitive edge in the career market. Because of these, you clearly can see that there is direct co-relation between your involvement (Attending all Lectures, Seminars) and the final result at the end of the year. Your attendance and progress will be closely watched by your tutors solely to get the benefit of advancement of your own expertise and knowledge development in this crucial managing area. Your first point of get in touch with in this course is your TUTOR for almost any academic support. This record outlines the course's key features and supplies you while using key information you need during the course but if you could have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you like the study course and learn how your attained academic knowledge can be applied successfully in the real time business situation. I wish you almost all success by doing this challenging, useful and pleasurable course. Doctor Deb Sircar

University of Greenwich Business School


Office: QA 205

Cellphone: 0208 331 9815

d. [email protected] air conditioning unit. uk

What students from your last year say……

Good day time Ms Chanakira,

Just thought I should let you know that I eliminated my MS exams. It absolutely was a wonderful experience learning technique from you. It had been really an honour to acquire been trained by you. I feel thus confident about my understanding of strategy i have started out practicing agency here at function by acquaintances studying strategy with different corporations. All the best and God Bless you.

I actually remain,

Edward cullen Mulemwa Iluba | Efficiency & MI Analyst |Barclays Bank (Z) Plc | Functions Department

Special Deb,

I would like to thank you for all your support over the academic year, you could have taught me the real principles of controlling strategy and i greatly value this. I might also like to thank you for being available to assist individually whenever I had asked. I wish you all the best later on. ” Kind regards

Ashveer Bains

Dear Dr Sircar,

I want to thank you for the classes & tutorials. They were interesting and amusing (in a great way! )�: -) I've really appreciated this motivating course and i hope to find out about strategy in the foreseeable future. Have a lovely weekend! Thanks once again.  Kind regards


Thank you Dr . Deb,

You have been wonderful...


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