Austin Parker

Publishing Composition 2

Professor Scholarhip Love

12 February 2014

Persuasive Composition

Man or Merman?

Through world history many unexplained legends have already been passed down to future generations. Stories like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and UFO's have been passed down and accompanied by media. Mermaid stories appears to carry unignorable evidence relating towards the individual existence.. Developing up, mermaids had been represented in Disney cartoons; gorgeous creatures with long luscious locks, and irresistible charm. Various people have often had a unique knack pertaining to believing in aliens, spirits, and mythological creatures, the things which are unexplainable to the eye. Mermaid reports have another type of approach to all the fairy stories, the mermaid comes along with genuine concrete evidence that could describe its possible living. First off it truly is believed the mermaid is actually a relative of the humans and branched off to live in the shadows of the sea. Second, the mermaid is a popular subject among various cultures through history. Last but not least, the water is considerably big enough to hide any sort of varieties it doesn't wish us to look for. Mermaids happen to be real, and stem via human living.

There is also a theory among scientists known as the aquatic guinea pig theory. It claims that humans had an aquatic phase, moving into the water, during advancement. The idea of mermaids is an extension of this theory, thinking that when ever returning to area some growing humans had been left behind, resulting in the mermaid competition. This is designed to explain many of the factors that will make humans a whole lot different than some other land animal. For example , individuals are the simply creatures who strictly go on land with webbing among our fingertips, much like flippers about our hands. Also once under normal water homo-sapiens skin area wrinkles and prunes up which allows us to grab items underwater with greater ease. As proven in individuals subcutaneous fat, people insulate from cold water. In theory if a single took a newborn baby and...

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