Special Education Student Interview

Kellona Anderson

EDU 521

Liberty College or university

Dr . A. Smith

Particular education is defined as " engineered instruction that meets the unusual needs of an exceptional student” relating to Hallahan, D., Kauffman, J., and Pullen, L. (2012). Students that I decided to interview happens to be age 25 and accomplished her unique education system at the age of twenty-one. Due to the fact that students was diagnosed as being emotionally retarded while very young, the mom was evaluated along with the pupil. In the express of Mississippi special education students should stay in college under the Outstanding Education Program until the associated with twenty-one.

The student and parent were asked several questions regarding her knowledge at college and her current living and cultural situation. I will identify students in my brief summary as " Cecelia” plus the parent because the mother of the college students. Cecelia is experiencing partial hearing problems and several limited social skills. Cecelia's mom stated that her position in the plan was dependant upon an IQ test that she received as a child. Cecelia was asked how the lady enjoyed her placement in the special education program in senior high school. She mentioned that the educators and learners were very nice. Cecelia mom added that she had been in the particular education program for so long as she had been in school due to her hearing loss and lack of ability to effectively socialize with others. Cecelia could not remember any of the instructors she acquired encountered while in high school when I asked her to recall her teacher's names. Cecelia mom stated that she was mainly in the same category throughout the duration of her period spent in high school. Her mother expressed high view for the teachers and special education administrators that helped Cecelia transition away of high university. Cecelia's mom stated that during her time in institution she was taught a lot of expertise that allowed her in order to...

References: Hallahan, D., Kaufman, J., and Pullen, G. (2012) Exceptional Learners An Introduction to

Special Education. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.


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