THE NATION honoring its 63rd Independence Day. India's have difficulty for Freedom is a legende of those 1000s of men, women and even children who lost their lives for the freedom of the nation. And so by simply celebrating Freedom Day, a homage is definitely paid to any or all those who fought to bring Independence to our region. But gone are the days when every Indian citizen highly valued the importance with this great day. Time has worn away those statements and now all of us observe this very day just like any other working day or a vacation. Children are required to go to educational institutions to attend the flag hoisting ceremony by causing attendance compulsory. Children has no knowledge about this day plus the same can be said for the adults within our country likewise. The Oxford dictionary specifies patriotism since devoted take pleasure in, support, and defence of the country; countrywide loyalty. However the word patriotism cannot be constrained and is extremely subjective in nature. 1 need not play cricket complements or combat wars to convey their feeling of patriotism. Our emotions manage high the moment India thrashes Pakistan in a sports or when a businessman of Of india origin, being abroad, makes it big on the globe. We experience so much devoted when a lady of Indian origin (who has scarcely been in India) goes into space. The event of Sunita Williams and consequent celebrations in India clearly display to what magnitude we are obsessed with the European culture. The youth with the country whilst studying simply thinks of moving out to America or perhaps United Kingdom and settle overseas and make money for the foreign nation. They provide reason that there is no infrastructure in our region, there are hardly any avenues, range to make this big and fulfill their ambition. This could be the case, but isn't it the responsibility to facilitate such an environment inside our country? APJ Abdul Kalam has mentioned in his book 'Wings of Fire' that " hardly ever think of the scope, continue to work hard to create that scope. ” Kalam declined several gives from abroad and slept in this country and...


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