GEMSTONEShave colours and it is a fact that colour enjoy an important part in our lives. They influence our health, moods, our life activities, happiness. The foremost need is to find out what colour meets a person according for this his/her graph. And once which has been known, you can chose the coloring of his clothes, window treatments, sofa, wall space, etc .

It can be generally experienced in life thatВ bright colours generate happiness and enthusiasmin a person whilst dull shades cause adverse effect and make him dull and morose. They will suit just serious - minded people who are indifferent to luxuries of life and comforts of living.

Colours react in various ways in different folks. Some particular colours might cause tension for some but the same colour can provide relief for the other person. But some colors give delight and pleasure or confidence to almost everyone. They enthuse gaiety, warmness, joy, like and devotion, harmony and encouragement to struggle anytime and reach a place of comfort and high-class.

Each color is affiliated symbolically with something. Take the example of white-colored colour. That stands for peacefulness, purity, the aristocracy and purity. Black color denotes sympathy for the aggrieved. Yellow stands for warmth and light green and green for paix and peacefulness. Red color signifies vigour, energy, youthfulness and sprinkle.

Even in ancient moments it was presumed that colors have aВ close relationship with human ailments and their figure. Today research and psychology acknowledge that colour really does affect our mental state. Also, more than half of the physical ailments find their roots in one's mental state. For the very basis astrologers advise various gem stones to cure ailments depending on their colours.

Colours happen to be linked to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual part. Specific reactions to different colors have an fuzy power to impact and govern our destiny as every colour gets a certain response from someone. To be...


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