Malaysia has evolved a lot in recent years and it will almost certainly change quite a lot in the next 5 decades. I feel the healthcare, home, and electric power are likely to replace the most and enjoying the biggest impact on people's lives.

The health-related is an important subject for Malaysia because it must always changing for the best. I think that doctor will almost certainly detect disease at extremely early stages applying innovative technology based on bloodstream tests or perhaps imaging. I am sure the new treatments, advance of kit and fresh knowledge of long-term disease will definitely increase. I really hope that there will be great advances in health care so that people will be more very careful in the early on stage of disease.

The build of eco-house will surely increase in the next half hundred years. A robot will probably use for assist in daily human sessions such as to get the garbage, get ready for food and the like. This might inspire more and more people become laziness. In my opinion that they will sit down and loosen up in a house without worrying the high expenses because the already invest in solar energy.

The strength that hard disks vehicles in the 21st century will definitely move from essential oil to electrical power. Electric automobiles will start to produce a major market inroads because of improved battery pack technologies. The oil and gas will probably remain ample as require increases quickly with the breakthrough of alternative resource, but it will most likely use in particular industries. The electric car provide peaceful, smooth operation, require much less maintenance and stronger speed. This might have got positive effect to avoid air flow pollutants.

The future of Malaysia is interesting and relevant to provide lots of confident changes. I really hope that my predictions become a reality.


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