Media is having constructive effect on our society. Do you acknowledge or differ with this statement?

Because of the quickly development of modern technology, people's living condition have been changed completely throughout the earlier decade. Rather than focusing on the material goods including food and garments, we tend to strive for mental enjoyment; therefore , media is becoming an essential element of our daily your life. When it comes to this issue, perspectives, apparently, may vary coming from individual to individual. Many people hold the opinion that media is usually positive to the society because of the large amount of info it produces in us. However , as far as I am concerned, Mass media is destructive to the culture because of its unfavorable influence, a lot of freedom, and also expose. My personal reasons are as comply with.

It will always be top of my disputes that press is having it tends of growing negative impact towards the teens and young adults. For example , Artist produces a large number of movies annually, with the reality more than half of these have the content of sexual and physical violence. This will cause the effect more than half the movies that this generation enjoy is about the negative content material, which can affect them toward these kinds of way also. In addition to this, they may have the possibility of with them in the true to life. For instance, there are always scenes of smoking in the movies. Whenever they observe these, they will have a desire of trying simply by them. Hence, Media has been extremely destructive to the world and people.

An additional equally vital factor, which will brings about people's attention, is that Media can be giving too much freedom to the users so that they tend to mistreatment it adversely. Recently, there was an online battle between all of the netizens and Facebook users towards the Muslim race. Instead of having Internet harmony, the netizens tend to post and write a thing against interpersonal harmony, that may also trigger the difference...


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