Being on time.

What it is

A few men will be in the behavior of doing all their duties over time. They enroll in office with time, they open their retailers in time, they go to see a person in time. This kind of habit of accomplishing a thing on time is called punctuality.


Punctuality is a good behavior. It helps you to save much of the time. Lots of things can be done within a short time if we are timely. Time would not wait for any individual. If time is when gone we all cannot take it back. We all leave lots of things often unfastened. It is, therefore , a damage to all of us. Punctuality assists us in gaining accomplishment in life. A punctual guy is cared for with admiration. He will save you his personal time. He does not cause inconvenience in front of large audiences. Men have trust in such a person. So they don't hesitate to entrust him with a dependable work.

Punctual and unreliable men contrasted—When we comparison a prompt man with an unreliable one, we are able to mark the. A timely man really does his obligations in time. He might have some urgent piece of business at some place. It may be that he will must travel there simply by train or steamer. In the event he gets to the stop in time, he may go there and finish his business without difficulty. In case the man is unpunctual, he reaches the station in its final stages. He does not catch the train or steamer. He can unable to go to his office. His function is not done. His absence triggers a great loss to him. He are unable to recover this loss afterwards. He then repents of his being later by a few minutes. It is said that a person of Napoleon's generals was bit too late in reaching a place and Napoleon shed the fight of Waterloo. This battle decided the fate of Napoleon. Experienced that general been punctual, Napoleon might have won the battle. It absolutely was a terrible damage to him. It triggered his problem. A timely boy really does his duties in time. He could be never behind time. This individual wins accomplishment. An unpunctual boy, however, is always in back of time. He cannot finish his work in time. He always feels the wish of time. He cannot get success in life.

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