Computer can be general purpose unit which can be programmed to carry out a finite set arithmetic or local operation. Computer provides a big guideline in our region today because of our technology. Wherever going computer still exist, especially in business it makes the procedure simple secure by simply programming the manual program into a computerizing system. The role of technology in our life today contains a big effects. Technology is a marking, modification, usage, and knowledge of equipment, machine approaches, crafts system method of corporation in order to fix a problem, acquire a goal or perhaps perform a specific function. It may also refer to the gathering of such tools, machines, modifications arrangements and methods. Technologies drastically affect human being as well as other dog species capacity to control and adapt to all their natural environment. Regarding Sales and Order system, every day you are retrieving the documents reconcile your daily deal, while if you use the digital system you save more time because it is automatically depend the daily sales. Further benefit utilizing a computerized order system is the accuracy that ensures. If one mathematical calculation is usually wrong or perhaps one typo is made, disaster may happen. Aqua Bankal is still featuring a manual program on their ventures that simply cannot provide the protecting and recording of daily transactions, a chance to provide an structured sales reviews and the capacity to keep track of the orders these types of problems manual system is really hard to address. This kind of study should implement a process that can solve the problems found by Laurel Bankal.

Theoretical Background

A sales and order program allows a business owner to have several business location and sufficiently keep track of products on hand at each without having to be present. You can forget worries regarding employee robbery or pricing inconsistency among one area and one more. The manager can be away and not bother about employee thievery. Employee performance can be taken care of. Point of sale devices take care of those problems that end result when supervision isn't present. Ravi (2010) pointed out that manual sales devices are time consuming, it is very tedious, lots of conventional paper work, slow data processing, it is not user-friendly environment in fact it is difficult to discovered records credited file management system. In an childhood when the most of the company are still using the manual system within the income and purchase most of the firm encountered a lot of problems which is because of the the existing strategy is too slow and too long. In accordance to Kaye Morris (2010), manual product sales and buy system may help sales and production managers control costs by discovering lost sales due to products on hand shortages; products on hand overrides about products which are not selling; loss due to employee's theft or damage. Employing a revenue and order system will take a large amount of period depending on the size and diversity of inventory. PROBLEMS! Beyond it being time-consuming, inventory is important and incorrect sales characters can be bad for your business (Juarez, 2010). To overcome the deficiencies of manual program, many companies have automated their particular sales and order system. This system is employed to track or perhaps monitor the merchandise and merchandise of a store. With an automated Sales and Order System, business rely on computers to complete tasks which were once performed manually, including inventory verify and earnings. Automated Product sales and Order System these process could be handled on time and also be more accurate and reliable than in the past (Hartman, d. d. ). It provides higher accuracy and even more flexibility inside the types of information and reviews that can be made by the system. Point-of-sale systems have replaced traditional cash subscribes, largely to get functionality reasons. Sales and Order Program are relatively easy to use that help provide beneficial data to get important decision makers. To be able to...


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