a) How do information systems contribute to the business success of Sew What? Inc.? Give several examples from the case regarding the business value details technology that demonstrates this kind of conclusion. Ans: Sew What? Inc., a company00 founded in 1992 by Megan Duckett from Quotes, is a theatrical drapery making company. It absolutely was the business controlled in little home home and specializes in making custom made theatrical draperies and fabrics for levels. Initially, she gets grown up her business from tiny home and procedure by " world to mouth”. The lady lost a large contract because of lack of reliability in her business as i have said by her potential customer. The girl realized that it absolutely was failure due to lack of technology in business. For example that justify the contribution of information technology to the business success of Sew what? Inc: By using information technology, organization earned the credibility and having more clients. Once she launched her website people started noticing her firm and her organization getting development. Information technology helped Since Sew what? Incorporation provides really good costumer encounter through a extremely convenient method to the customers. Company site in different languages helped the people speaking different languages around the world to find out and understand the business which will helped the organization to grow worldwide. Site of business contained the facts of everything they were doing. It was through Information Technology, Duckett come to know about the National Federation of Independent Small Business Merit. Sew what? Inc received several awards mostly as a result of use of information technology in practical and powerful way for the introduction of the business. Make use of information technology has helped the business to reduce the expense of operation. Hence, By using data technologies, Affix What? - a very business started by a home became popular around the globe. Information...


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