Sex is very common among my generation. It's such as the normal thing to do for teenagers. All those things surprises us is the same sex testing that has started to rise. When i state this I know that most people probably are only thinking females but , in recent studies created by psychologists they have found more men have recently been engaging in lovemaking behavior with another person. This interests me since it makes myself wonder about just how people think about sex on the whole. If you sort yourself because straight then what makes you want to try making love with men or women of the same love-making?

With this in mind I decided to develop an experiment on The southern part of Polytech students. My hypothesis states that 30% of the students by Southern Polytech University have got engaged in same sex behavior. This has a range from getting, touching, love-making, etc . Stage I would like to indicate is that i just found out among my man best friends experienced sex with my different male best friend. This amazed me but I was extremely surprised in them since they informed me they would hardly ever do anything of this nature. After that they said these people were straight and this had myself thinking once again. Can you really inform yourself that you're still straight after having sexual intercourse with another female or male? Hopefully my personal results from my personal survey can support my hypothesis within this arising happening. No one can believe when a feminine engages in Girls Gone Outrageous activity they are really not instantly labeled a lesbian or perhaps bisexual. In society it is quite normal for women to experiment with another woman in various ways. Every time a man trials it's certainly not exactly easy to admit not to say still defend your direct. As I explained before We didn't learn how many men who also declared their particular self as straight would have sexual intercourse with another gentleman. Well according to May well Kort from Psychology today that above 3 mil men have a sexual in counter with another man once in their life time. Of the 3 million all of them...


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