Should Drugs Be Legalized?

Drugs are actually kind of amazing products as they bring a lot of advantages to our society particularly in medical place except once someone misuses them. Because of these abuses, certain drugs have already been designated as illegal articles in lots of countries across the globe. Therefore, we can see that in these the latest decades, our society has involved in holy drug wars with the aim to strike from this disastrous medication abuses tendency. However , a new phenomenon takes place when a lot of people claim that we could only contain the stretch out of drug back by legalizing it. Thus, a number of quarrels exist both equally uphold and subvert the legalization of drugs. The recommends of this affirmation assert which the legalization of cracks will surely decline the interest rate of medicine related criminal offenses besides of decreasing the amount of drug addicts. Opposing team of medication legalization affirm that the give up of drug wars will only create fresh drug addicts and increase the craze of committing crimes. Although legalization of drugs may lead to a few unexpectedly undesirable consequences, it will eventually lead us one step nearer to the main purpose, to conquer drug violations out of our world. Medication legalization should be executed because drug battles are of little acquire. These medication wars have been completely spending an excessive amount of citizen's funds with only a little pay back. Govt should not continue wasting the cash pointlessly with the expectation that " we could actually hold drug use level or see it decline” (Johnson 283) one day in the future inasmuch as this kind of money needs to be used to decrease the other criminal offenses too for the benefits of every residents but not only for the junkies whom actually embarrass the country. Even though government says that the medication wars job according to the increasing rates of captured people that relate to drug, we can see that the money investing in it elevating too. For example, the federal government spend one billion dollars dollar to arrest handful thousand people in late 1970s but 19 billion dollars...

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