[The following ideas, on the relation and duties of a sibling to her brother, are obtained from a amount by the Author of this publication, entitled, " Advice to Young Ladies issues Duties and Conduct is obviously. " ] OLD brothers are generally not usually while attentive to their particular younger siblings as these would experience to be acceptable. The little women that were such a long time known as kids, with the mistakes, faults, and caprices of kids, although now grown up into tall young ladies, who have remaining or are regarding leaving institution, are still felt to be children, or nevertheless a little advanced beyond childhood, by the teenagers who have acquired some 3 to 4 years' encounter in the world. With these more mature brothers, people not usually be, arising from this trigger, much private and unreserved intercourse; at least, not really until the sisters have added two or three years more with their ages, and assumed many quiet dignity of womanhood. Upon these types of older friends, therefore , the conduct of sisters are not able to, usually, possess much impact. They are eliminated to a stage chiefly past the group of friends of their effect. But after brothers close to about their very own age, and younger than themselves, the influence of sisters might be brought to bear with the most salutary effects. The temptations to which teenagers are exposed, when initially they come in connection with the world, are many, and filled with the most effective allurements. All their virtuous principles are assailed in a thousand ways; occasionally boldly, and often by the the majority of insidious artistry of the bad and evil-minded. All, therefore , that can make virtue attractive in their eyes, and vice hideous, they need to enhance the good concepts stored up, from years as a child, in their minds. For their sakes, home must be made while attractive as it can be, in order to generate them often to spend their evenings inside the place where, of all other folks, they will be most dependable. To do this, a lady must consult the tastes of her brothers, and endeavour to take sufficient...


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