H. W. Longfellow's Poems in Slavery are said to be " so slight that a Slaveholder may possibly read all of them without losing his appetite to get breakfast”. The Slave's Wish is about a series of dreams of a victim of slavery during the 19th century. Beside the ungathered rice this individual lay,

His sickle in the hand;

His breast was bare, his matted hair

Was left in the sand.

Again, in the mist and shadow of sleep,

This individual saw his Native Property.

The physical image of a slave can be portrayed through the first stanza of the composition. He is worn out from the every work that he must do around the fields and falls asleep. This kind of last thinking slumber offers way to a series of aneurisms which displays the wants of his waking life. The phrases " ungathered rice” and " sickle in the hand” implies that his assigned activity is remaining incomplete by him because of his enormous fatigue. His bare breast represents the barrenness of his lifestyle as a servant and his matted hair " buried” in the sand signifies death gradually creeping over his tired body. When he sleeps, he sees his once again " Native Land” in his dream. Wide through the landscape of his dreams

The lordly Niger ran;

Beneath the palm-trees on the simple

Once more a king he strode;

And heard the tinkling caravans

Descend the mountain-road.

From your second stanza onwards, his dream is definitely described strongly by the poet. We come to understand from the key phrase " lordly Niger” that his native land was Africa. " Once more a king this individual strode” makes us guess that perhaps having been the California king of a tribe of his land. In the sleep, he once again relives the days of his independence and this individual almost listens to the " tinkling caravans/ Descend the mountain road”. He found once more his dark-eyed full

Among her children stand;

They clasped his throat, they kissed his face,

They placed him by the hand! —

A split burst from your sleeper's lids

And dropped into the sand.

The third stanza introduces all of us to his family. He misses his " dark-eyed queen” fantastic children. This individual dreams of the way they would clasp his neck,...


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