SMART Objective – Wedding Reception

Objective: Prepare a five hour wedding reception pertaining to 200 guests on a budget of $15, 1000 that revolves around dinner, moving, live music, cutting dessert, and goodbye to the couple, with an indoor venue reserved one year before the wedding date, and plans finalized one month before the wedding date. Time – Time will be the most crucial constraint and you will be prioritized. There exists an obvious time constraint about assuring that events will occur for the wedding day. There exists a constraint of 5 hours to schedule each of the events; this will likely require a incredibly strict timetable, as the actions of the doj act as predecessors to one another. Dinner has to be ready, served, and cleared punctually before the dance begins. The dancing are not able to occur unless the live band has setup up, check levels, and displayed up. The cake trimming cannot happen while the couple is having their particular dance. And that we cannot declare farewell for the couple until they have had their wedding cake! The location must be ordered a year ahead of time, as most locations for wedding ceremonies are booked using this timescale. If this is not accomplished, it could be extremely difficult to get a place and plan accordingly with only a few a few months time to use. It could be extremely upsetting towards the couple if a venue of their choice had not been available. Most severe of all, it might be an absolute devastation if no venue was found to keep the reception at all. Having the reception totally finalized within just one month in the wedding date would reassure the couple, and all sorts of the guests, that everything is going to be perfect as planned. An ideal result would be to have got everything ordered on time, and scheduled incidents to happen exactly as planned. A suitable result will to still have everything reserved on time, although all the timetabled events to vary 5-10 minutes off routine, totally no more than 15-30 a few minutes overtime. A failure would be to not be able to book the venue, supper, live music, or have the scheduled situations...


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