Honeylyn L. CentenoBSBA MM 2-1D

Reaction Paper: SONA 2015

Number of Words and phrases: 297

Wednesday, July twenty-seven, 2015 the president Benevolo Aquino III stated his SONA or State from the Nation Talk about for the sixth period which is viewed as the lengthiest SONA he delivered seeing that he commence his obama administration.

I just want to state that I love it when he delivered his conversation in Philippine. Because it is our personal language but not everyone appreciate English consequently using this vocabulary will make that understandable for the people in our nation. Sometimes of the President's statement in the speech seems to be not true, a dream because I am unable to feel it. I cannot feel that our company is now developing, that our region now is increasing. It doesn't reveal the way the people here in the country live. Also, I don't like the way in which he analyzes his 12 months of presidency to the past president instead he should just focus on tips on how to really enhance the life of every people that he governs to. The positive aspect of his speech for me personally is that the government is really right now moving to eliminate the corruption in their program that they are not afraid of facing their co-worker, exposing the dirty careers of some authorities. With the actions they actually about the various problems the country is facing. Pertaining to doing his best in changing our region. Sadly to state accidents are really uncontrollable, you never knew when anything bad may happen even though you have done everything you may to prevent this. Just like what happen in Mamasapano wherever lots of people passed away. It's simply so good to hear that those people who died had given an honorarium. All in all to summarize my reaction I really could say that President Aquino's SONA is thumbs up for me despite of some imperfections in it.


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