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COMM 1313


14 October 2011

Informational Talk 2

Topic: Adderall

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Goal: To inform my own audience regarding the benefits of Adderall as well as the dangers from mistreating the health professional prescribed drug. Thesis Statement: Although Adderall is employed to gain people with PUT, there are also a large number of risks which come along for those who choose to maltreatment the health professional prescribed drug. Advantages

1 . Attention-getter: Will you ever consider taking a pill that makes you actually focus on having your school work completed even if you were not officially recommended to this? 2 . Diathesis: According to the federal government's National Survey about Drug Make use of and Well being, Adderall has become commonly abused on over 200 school campuses throughout America. 3. Preview: Initially I would like to look into a tiny background regarding Adderall, and then the risks it could have on the body, and lastly about how college youngsters abuse this kind of " Wise Drug”. (Transition: Now, I will talk about the backdrop of Adderall ir. ) Body

I. Adderall was made in mil novecentos e noventa e seis by the maker Deramed Drugs and is found in instant-release kind or extended-release form. It is composed of a combination of speed salts. A. It is recognized to treat individuals with PUT, ADHD, and narcolepsy. M. It's a pyschostimulant drug that increases amounts of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. (Transition: Like most medicines, Adderall ir has some risks that come with taking the drug. ) II. Adderall comes with a large of side effects, especially for individuals who overuse the drug. A. Prolonged high doses of amphetamines can lead to extreme tiredness, insomnia, abdomen pain, dry out mouth, lack of appetite, problems falling asleep, weight-loss, extreme irritability & changes in mood, unpleasant preference in mouth, depression, muscle tissue and joint pain, and severe headaches. B. Indications of Adderall overdose include: seizure, high blood pressure, unnatural heart beat, intense and...


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