Compare and contrast the 2 poems " Stopping by the Woods... ” and " The street Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

Robert Frost's " The Road Certainly not Taken” and " Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” both represent how to have decisions anytime. In the two poems the speaker is a situation where he has to select from two routes in life.

In the composition, " The trail Not Taken”, the presenter has to generate a big decision in his existence. This composition talks about a person who comes across a great intersection inside the road and he has to choose which usually way to follow along with. The speaker thinks properly. In the end, this individual chooses to follow the road that was significantly less traveled by. The Composition signifies a horrible choice in a person's lifestyle that could provide him an easy or hard way out. There is no assurance of what is ahead; if there will be success or failure. At the end with the poem, the speaker says, " which has made all of the difference”, which shows choosing the harder path and working hard always offers success in life. The presenter chooses the unconventional approach to the decision making process, thus showing his uniqueness and difficult mentality. The act of selecting the road signifies his uniqueness and the fact that he is often moving forward, without even stopping. In " Visiting Woods on the Snowy Evening”, the loudspeaker has to make a big decision in his existence. He has to choose between solitude and cultural obligation. With this phrase " Between the woods and freezing lake”, the wood turns into a symbol of life where frozen lake signifies fatality. When the speaker reaches in a bad neighborhood, he detects a world offering perfect, calm and isolation. He stops by the real wood on this " darkest evening of the year” to watch the woods " fill up with snow, and is still there so long that his little horse shakes his harness belts and reminds him in the promises he has to maintain. Probably he has a great deal to do in every area of your life. The audio seeks a life with no pain and struggle although at the end, this individual has to abide by social requirement, which shows his...


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