Teaching plan


Running head: Teaching policy for NPO patient

Teaching plan for NPO individual

Dona Hubbard

Hampton School


Georgiana Bougher and Brenda Rhea

November three or more, 2007

Educating plan


The purpose of a teaching strategy is to instruct a patient about treatment, medicines, diet, or any type of procedure that pertains to all their care. In case the client is definitely educated then there is a better chance that they will be compliant with the recommendations for their proper care. The doctor gathers subjective and aim information about the affected person utilizing sufferer assessment. The nurse then uses this information to assess in the event that there are any limitations to learning. The learning objectives will be taught applying affective, intellectual, or psychomotor skills. Desired goals are arranged and the nurse forms a teaching prepare directed at aiding the patient reach those desired goals (Redman 2001).

A teaching plan consists of goals, articles, teaching learning activities, period allotment, and evaluation. Desired goals should be attained by the end in the lesson and evaluation by nurse will determine if teaching needs to be strong (Redman 2001). When the registered nurse is preparing goals, they need to take into consideration, any kind of limitations with regards to affective, cognitive, or psychomotor skills (London 1999). Cognitive or mental skills require knowing, thinking and keeping in mind (Redman 2001). It is helpful for the doctor to ask: What is the patient's reading level. What is the patient's greatest level of education completed? Can this individual understand British? If certainly not, what language(s), does he speak? Can be he oriented to period, place, and person? How is the patient's memory? How will the patient's intellectual capabilities affect his ability to find out, understand, apply new details, and remember it later on (Redman 2001)? Is he too sick and tired or affected to learn at the moment? Psychomotor skills are physical skills, which will require adding both mental and buff activity (Redman 2001). It can helpful for...

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