Television was introduced in India on an experimental basis in Delhi on 15th September, late 1950s. This was changed to a regular support in 1965. Thereafter, a number of Capital t. V. centres namely, Mumbai, Srinagar, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Chennai and Lucknow were set up from October 1972 onwards in quick succession. The T. Sixth is v. network received a big boost during the Ninth Asian Online games in Nov 1982, the moment 20 low power receivers were installed at distinct state capitals and important towns. Another landmark was achieved about 15th August, 1982 when ever colour television set was introduced in the country. Doordarshan also began its Nationwide Programme.

Doordarshan network consists of 64 Doordarshan Kendras/Production Centres, 24 Local News Devices, 126 Doordarshan Maintenance Centres, 202 Large Power tranmitters, 828 Low Powr Transmitters, 351 Low Power Transmitters, 18 Transposers, 30, Channesl and DTH Service and has a approved strength of 21708 officers and staff of various types.

Television is one of the greatest amazing things of technology. It was invented by L. L. Baird. One can at this point see live pictures for the screen whilst sitting in their own house. On the a radio station set, you can only notice the tone of the presenter but on television one can actually see his own picture. This technology has brought of a revolution in the fields of entertainment, education and interaction.

The greatest benefit of television is that one can observe its programmes at home. One particular need not head out for it. Tv has wonderful educative worth for university and college students. It is a boon for a developing country just like India. India is a vast country. It includes an area of 32. 87 lakh sq . km and a human population of about ciento tres crore. Tv programmes telecast under the Nationwide Network can reach out to those living in the farthest and remotest parts of the country. Television provides us the newest national and international media.

We can see videos and series on television. We can hear talks given by...


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