For more than a year since the standoff in Scarborough Shoal, news statements have been peppered with referrals to the South China Sea and West Filipino Sea. What is the difference together? Between KIG, the Spratlys, and Scarborough? Recently, the University in the Philippines' Oriental Center plus the Institute to get Maritime Affairs and Legislation of the Ocean came out with a primer, " The Western world Philippine Ocean: The Local and Maritime Jurisdiction Arguments from a Filipino Perspective. " Written by Profs. Aileen Baviera and Jay Batongbacal, the primer includes the " historical background, current circumstances, pertinent problems, and insurance plan questions regarding the territorial and maritime differences in the West Philippine Sea. " Here, InterAksyon. com stocks the primer's 10 simplest questions and answers about the debated territories. 1 . What is the South Chinese suppliers Sea?

It is just a " semi-enclosed” body of water surrounded by Brunei, Chinese suppliers, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Connected to that are the Gulf of mexico of Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand. Macclesfield Bank, the Paracels, Pratas Isle, and the Spratlys also lay on the Southern region China Sea. Various countries have " overlapping claims” to these bodies of property and drinking water. It is " important” due to its location, with " petrol and other goods” being moved through this. It also contains a " role in the naviero strategies” of nations such as China and the United States.

2 . Precisely what is the Western world Philippine Ocean?

This is the part of the South China and tiawan Sea nearest to the Korea. It received this identity upon Leader Benigno Aquino III's issuance of Administrative Order No . 29 in September last year. Covered are definitely the " maritime areas for the western side of the Filipino archipelago, ” including " the Luzon Sea, in addition to the waters about, within, and adjacent to the Kalayaan Isle Group (KIG) and Miserable de Masinloc. ” several. What is the Kalayaan Tropical isle Group (KIG)?

Located in the Spratly Islands, the SE " is actually a group of over...


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