Dark Age range Essay

The Dark Ages is a time period in history if a cultural and economic destruction occurred in European Europe primarily caused by the decline from the Roman Empire. The Visigoths, a Germanic group of warriors, seized historical Rome. When the Visigoths vulnerable Rome, that they closed all the entryways into the city so that the Germanic players could not enter the city. The Visigoths encircled Rome and blocked most shipments of food in to the walls of Rome, torturing the people inside because they did not have meals. After two years, Rome was starving, and then opened the gates with the city of Ancient rome allowing the Visigoths to. The Visigoths seized The italian capital, taking all of their treasure. As Rome got no foodstuff, the Visigoths then shifted onto more environmentally friendly pastures in search for resources and meals. Rome's human population was weak rapidly, plus the glory of Rome was gone permanently; the Darker Ages had begun.

The world was a violent place full of disease and fatality in the next several Centuries comprising from the fall of Rome to the Initially Crusade. Sewerage systems halted working and aqueducts broke down, which designed there was not any running water. Both roman houses had been deteriorating, leading to the Aventure to take down magnificent buildings for materials to build shacks to live in. During this period, Christianity was very attractive to the people. A new type of unity was gradually appearing, a work of monks and missionaries. To individuals living in the Dark Ages, their fresh emperor was Jesus Christ. The best general from the Franks transformed from Paganism to Christianity on Christmas day, appealing to a numerous quantity of Pagans to convert as well. Chief Constantine legalized Christianity in 313 ADVERTISEMENT because he did find a Christian signal during fight.

In 533 ADVERTISING, the Both roman Empire hits back. They will wanted to rekindle all of the territory lost at nighttime Ages. Barbarians ruled Italia, France and North The african continent. The Both roman Empire acquired split into two halves, every having their own empire. The East was...


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