The Extremely hard: Follow Up Inquiries

1 . What natural catastrophe devastated the coast of Thailand?

A tsunami devastated the coast of Thailand.

2 . Exactly what the causes of this type of disaster?

Gradual earthquakes within the sea floor cause tsunamis.

3. Like a responder, list the requirements and problems you expect patients and remainders to have?

Like a responder, We would expect subjects and remainders to have open up wounds, craving for food, dehydration, mental distress, and missing family.

4. How can you meet individuals needs and concerns?

I could provide foodstuff and normal water, antibiotics, compassion, care, and first aid kits to people. I would as well speak to my personal supervisor of these in need of surgical treatment and other medical attention. I would report missing people to who is in charge of this unit.

a few. Name a few aspects of the film that you found interesting, upsetting, relaxing, and confusing?

It was incredibly upsetting to my opinion that these bad events occurred after such a memorable holiday. It absolutely was interesting in my experience how even the buildings had been so quickly torn down. I also available it interesting how far the went back following the tsunami hit. Third, I used to be interested by fact that the tsunami hit again only moments following the first big wave. I used to be comforted by love and care the Thai local people showed to Maria when they brought her, Lucas, and Daniel to their community.

6. Just how close to fact do you go through the film describes the true encounters of victims in these types of incidents?

I think film production company depicted truth very well. I do think a lot of the heroes may experienced more good luck than those patients in real world


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