Introduction and background of the watch case

As a part of the FBI's $581 million " Trilogy" software, the Electronic Case Document (VCF) was obviously a software application that intended to facilitate the case data file management intended for FBI brokers. VCF encountered a vast array of trouble, finally convincing the Bureau to abandon the VCF task after many years of development impacting $170 upon US people. VCF is a huge help the improvement with the paper-intensive and outdated THIS infrastructure for the FBI. VCF was created to integrate contemporary desktop computers for in FBI office buildings: VCF's aim was to create a secure top-end network and to provide a contemporary database to get storing case information, enabling agents to manage and share info electronically. The Bureau declared its progress a new, more ambitious computer software project, code-named " Sentinel", to replace the outdated case file managing VCF. A timeline in the project is definitely attached in the appendix. This situatio report examines reasons why VCF failed. The 2nd chapter analyzes connections between the Information System Strategy as well as the FBI business, while the third chapter talks about the CIO's final comment about how to improve the frame of mind of F agents toward more recent types of technology. The last phase is concerned with all the FBI's choice of integrating modern technology. This case record ends with a summary and a final summary. 2 . Exploration of the FBI case

installment payments on your 1 . Explanations why the VCF System failed

According to Holmes, causes of the failure of the VCF are most of all related to issues of control, culture and incompatible company systems. We know from the Info Systems Technique Triangle that business-, IS- and company strategy must be related to each other. With the VCF system, the FBI introduced a new IS strategy. Did the FBI adapt their business and organizational technique to this enhancements made on IS approach? Although FBI agents are situated in the US and around the globe, sharing information has not been part of the FBI's organizational tradition. When expanding the " Trilogy" plan, the F did not start any organizational change. Keeping secrets was a part of the FBI's organizational lifestyle. Consistent to that particular, a former THIS manager on the FBI stated: " Right now there always has recently been a culture of intimidation at the F. It doesn't big surprise me one particular bit that individuals don't need to talk. " The FBI also did not remember to adjust their particular business approach. It nonetheless operated it is business firmly hierarchical from decentralized office buildings. As we find, the F failed to generate necessary changes in its data, business and organizational approach. In addition to that, the VCF project demonstrated the FBI's poor skills in managing purchase in Information Technology. Some managers and technicians on the project simply lacked in teaching and implementation of new Information Technology. In my opinion the strategy of the VCF should have been revised immediately after the typical report in the justice inspector in December. 2002. installment payments on your 2 . Points of alignment between Information System Strategy and the FBI firm Traditionally the FBI was based on a matrix organization structure. Brokers within the F were divided in groups that traded only tiny information with other agents. Every single job an agent was designated to focused on his particular group. Essential technologies that support this kind of organizational design and style are marketing systems with shared info processing. The VCF system was designed as being a Web-based software and was meant to be executed in one big step. This kind of technology contains a strong degree of decentralization and did not fit with the traditions of Information Program the F had right up until then. Completely to fail and, therefore , points of alignment had been few. After the terrorist disorders of 9/11 the US found itself in an unstable environment. According to crucial exterior changes, the FBI needed to adopt the organizational structure. It nonetheless needs to enhance...


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