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* Case is around sunrise executive organization a highly reputed organization which has displayed remarkable progress in industrial electronic merchandise. * General Manager Mister. Ravi Narain observed a decline in sales and employee yield high for junior standard of Chandigarh part. * Mister. Narain went to the part and found the employees to be keen and local. 5. The Chandigarh branch was responsible for product sales in the complete region and looked after features like solutions, dealers, accounts and collections. * The employees felt humiliated and unwilling to take part in discussion with all the general manager. * The branch mind was Mister. Singh a 40 yr old gentleman who worked with these people for the last 10 years. * Mister. Singh told him that

2. They have six dealers and 300 customers.

5. The timetable of every exec was completely planned by him in weekly basis. * This individual has been providing the employees exhaustive instructions in order to complete their very own tasks. 2. Used to regulate the way they utilized to deal with the shoppers. * Employees had to send daily information for the work done. 5. Mr. Singh gave an explanation that the young employees are generally not ready for hard work nor they need to learn from their particular experience 5. Mr. Singh also burdened that workers don't appreciate his doing work and providing style since they aren't qualified enough. 5. Communication was the worst strike in this situation.

* Motivation level was very low.

2. General Manager replaced Mr. Singh with Mr. Tandon.

* Employees were pleased although worked inside the same style.

* Mr. Tandon were required to work hard to earn respect & trust. PROBLEMS APPARENTLY VISIBLE IN CASE

* Abnormal supervision control

* Communication breakdown

* Staff highly de-motivated...


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