Executive record:

This assignment shows the influence of internet on company buyer behavior. Firstly advantages:

Advantages start with standard definition regarding marketing, and after that a will certainly talk about the between customer buyer habit and company buyer behavior by evaluating six factors which are: that means, buying decision-making, steps in the decision process, merchandise knowledge, purchasing goals and buyers-suppliers speak to. And then this paper will certainly talk about organizational buyer habit and the elements which are influence organizational purchaser behavior, external factors and internal factors External (environmental) factors: Regulating and laws Changes, - Economic conditions and rate of interest, Social Environment, Political and Competition. Internal factors (organizational) factors: Plans and Methods in the firm, Organization's Objectives, Technology, Personnel influence and Organizational Composition. Secondly the literature evaluations:

In this part of job this newspaper will discuss how technology which is inside factor (organizational) effect organizational buyer patterns and we will discuss especially about internet and the effect of the net on company buyer tendencies. In the literature review there are the following subject areas:

1- The partnership between net and business: how the scientific revolution increase business and organizations and exactly how it's effect positively in business world 2- internet: from this part all of us will talk theoretically about the internet as well as the internet's record. The real begging of the net was in 1992 with the popular (WWW) which is referred to World Wide Web. And it had been created for European Lab for sensible physics (CERN). And we will demonstrate opinions of researches online and its effect (the space of internet was too large although there are a lot of persons reject the internet in the begging. But the industrial activities spend the internet at the end and internet enters towards the business world finally (John R. Hewitt, 1998) and other thoughts and opinions from studies.

Thirdly Case study about (Liberduplex S. A) Firm:

1- Summary about (Liberduplex S. A) Company: Liberduplex is a Spanish company focuses primarily on Graphic Arts. Basic capabilities for this company are: Catalogue Binding & Edition Holding (hard and soft cover) and Counter printing (newspapers and books). This company nonetheless working coming from fifteen years, and its activities cover most Catalonia and around Catalonia and its offer her buyer with good quality products within just keep in touch with consumers. This company very pleased in its large technology which can serve all their old tradesman quality, the fundamental goal on this company is always to supply many choices of produce management and printed materials. With using high effectively means and economically, in the same period keep featuring market with high quality. 2- Information about getting area: The whole purchases of the company to get last year had been 733, 205, 65 €. This effect had been accomplished with only three persons was working in the obtaining center, separating the purchasing type as: New task purchases 9%

Direct re-buy buys 58%

Modified re-buy purchases 33%

3- Net use in liberduplex S. A.: The real employing of internet in this company started in 1996 with primary objectives which were: e-banking e-mail

And its demonstrate use of internet in the firm

4-product examined: comparing between Produce a product+ low employing of internet and Produce a product+ high applying of internet

5-buying process: dining tables show the measures of buying process

6-Buying center: Inside the buying center we can have information about persons involved in ordering process with the grade of involvement: 7- Factors affecting buying process: tables shows the most factors affecting obtaining process 4th conclusion

How technology offers direct have an effect on in the company buyer habit...

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