There are several heroes in the novel The Water at the End of the Lane. The characters available The Sea at the End with the Lane will be Lettie Hempstock and an un-named leading part. The un-named protagonist is known as a seven years old youngster and is the smoothness that explains to the story, on a first person viewpoint. " I was seven years old, will no longer a little kid, but I used to be wetting myself with dread, like a baby, and there was clearly nothing I could do about it, while Ursula Monkton hung in the air above me and watched, dispassionately” (Gaiman 75). The second key character is definitely Lettie Hempstock; she is a twelve years old girl and it is the one whom " invited” The un-named protagonist for this magical universe. For instance she actually is the one who also brought the protagonist to the Hempstock farmville farm and that is where he got the magic worm caught up to his feet. Anybody can see how the key characters with this novel are the un-named protagonist and Lettie.

During Neil Gaiman's book there is a few adjustments revealed. Two settings that are in the story are Sussex, England and the Hempstock Farm building. One of the options is Lettie's farm because almost the whole volume happens there. For instance it is in which the climax took place and in which most of the representational events occurred. The main setting is Sussex, England that is where the history takes place. " I forced along turning Sussex nation roads I actually only 1 / 2 remembered” (Gaiman 13). In this quote the smoothness is forty-three years old and is also going back to his homeland because the entire story is usually technically a flashback. To summarize one can observe how the main configurations are Sussex and the Hempstock Farm.

Many element of figurative dialect have been shown to the visitors in this novel. Figurative good examples in the tale are representation and metaphor. Personification was used in the book since when Lettie and the protagonist were resistant to the supernatural they will gave individual characteristics to the weather. " The ground struck my belly, and the...


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