COPYREADING AND SUBJECT WRITING: More than Just Marks and Words By simply Marnela Kathleen V. Pasamba


1 ) Define quickly what copyreading and topic writing is. 2 . Describe the role of copyreaders and headline copy writers (copy fixers). 3. Supply the checklist intended for editors.

some. Explain what headlines happen to be.

5. Provide some hints and rules in writing headers.

6. Train the technicians of topic writing.

several. Give some interactive exercises on the usage of copyreading signs and symbols and topic writing.

Precisely what is Copyreading and Headline Writing?

It is the way of improving a tale and producing an appropriate headline for this article.

The FUNCTION of Copy Fixers

Very good copy arreters keep the spirit and compound of the story. He/She fundamentally brightens and polishes the article. He makes the story better by arranging it a lot better than when it was submitted.

8-Step Checklist intended for Editors

1 ) Read the story quickly and get it is main thought.

2 . Accurate obvious problems of specifics or transliteration.

3. Reword the business lead, if necessary.

4. Break up long paragraphs in to shorter ones.

5. Assess if the story is actually long for it is relative value. Trim it as needed. 6. Look for mistakes in punctuation, grammar and details.

7. Watch out for potentially libelous statements. Be sure it is exact and reasonable to all attributes. 8. Write the headline.

Exactly what HEADLINES?

Headers are screen windows of newspapers. It is just a quick source of information about the story.

7-Pointers in Headline Producing

1 . Skeletonize it. Omit unnecessary words and content articles.

2 . Employ present anxious in stories that previously happened and use the unlimited form of the verb for future actions. 3. Employ active voice.

4. Prevent " to be” terms.

5. Be specific. Work with precise words and phrases.

6. Be accurate and direct.

7. Avoid exclamation points or other punctuations.

Rules in Headline Publishing

1 . Your head should tell the gist of the account simply and clearly. installment payments on your Apply the rule of capitalization.

a few. Lines probably should not end which has a preposition.

4. Never work with " may well. ”

your five. Assertions within a headline must have a resource.

6. No longer convert verbs into adjective.

7. Use shorter phrases whenever possible.

Mechanics of Headline Writing

A Technical Teaching or The Printer's Directions


Which means:

-- The initial number ensures that the heading will run across two columns of the web page. - The second number means the font size being used. - BB (Bold Bodoni) signifies the font type.

- UN is short for universe, a sort style.

-- Kicker refers to the initial head.

-- The two lines below make reference to the number of lines your heading will have.

Subject Patterns

1 . Crossline

2 . Dropline

several. Flush Left

4. Hanging Indention

five. Inverted Pyramid

6. Flush Right

Counting the Headline

1 . Every small characters except liftj and mw are counted as 1 . 2 . Almost all capital letters except IMW are measured as 1ВЅ.

3. Almost all punctuation represents except the –,?, dollar and % are counted as 1 ) 4. All figures and spaces will be counted because 1 .

your five. Small meters and watts are measured as 1ВЅ.

6. Capital M and W happen to be counted while 2 .

7. Small liftj are counted as ВЅ.

See Additional Lectures for more Information

Is actually time for exercises.


- The UST Varsitarian Grounds Press Stylebook

- Journalism for Filipinos Revised Edition simply by Alito T. Malinao -- Campus and Community Writing Handbook simply by Alito Malinao - Workout article taken from this website:

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Workout I. Copyreading Signs and Symbols

Course: Illustrate through signs and symbols the next copy fixer's actions/remarks.

Duplicate fixer's Actions/RemarksTo Be...


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