Points on that belong, as recognized from Steven Herrick's the easy Gift:

- It is the similar requirements & wishes (e. g. love, happiness) of Caitlin, Billy & Old Invoice that attract them together to create their very own sense of belonging

- The recurring image of " gift" signifies both providing and receiving, that are both areas of belonging (as seen in relationships, when both equally partners give & obtain and therefore discover belonging together)

- The Simple Surprise explores thinking about identity, especially as Caitlin & Billy re-shape their particular identities employing their own lifestyle. It is a solid sense of belonging that allows them to develop their id.

-- The Simple Gift idea discusses mutual belonging -- can a person actually belong to someone or something that does not belong with all of them? (can a woman belong with a certain guy, if this individual does not are supposed to be with her? )

- All main personas, Billy, Older Bill & Caitlin possess chosen wherever they will are supposed to be, rejecting the pressure to belong to mainstream society & conform to its attitudes.

- In choosing wherever they are supposed to be, they have likewise chosen where they do not fit in. Caitlin, for example , decides that she belongs with Billy, and by effect, does not are supposed to be with her parents.

- There are certain ideologies which box people in (making them belong) or away (making all of them not belong) and in the easy Gift, Herrick shows the results of people who actually reject these kinds of ideologies, and create their particular values in terms of belonging.

- Just like the previous level, Herrick is portraying a group of people who will not allow culture to dictate where that they belong (for example, culture would determine that Caitlin should are supposed to be at university after giving school), and they are instead getting empowered as individuals and creating their own place of belonging, disregarding cultural difference and prejudice.

- The contrast between characters assists the reader in the Simple Gift idea to understand how come Billy & the others want to belong where...


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