Compare ‘There Is No Goodness, The Wicked Saith' with ‘There's likely no God… now end worrying and revel in your life. '

The Victorian period was a length of rapid professional growth, sociable unrest and scientific breakthrough. Victorian poetry was proclaimed by spiritual doubt, personal despair and general doubt about your life. ‘There Is No God, the Wicked Saith' is an example of a poem that relates to religious uncertainty and it challenges thinking about religion plus the existence of God. Arthur Hugh Clough was inspired by the High Church movement for a time yet he eventually rejected it. Later in life this individual became reluctant to teach the doctrines in the Church Of England like a tutor and resigned himself in Rome. ‘There Is not a God' shows his dismissive attitude towards religion and Clough is incredibly cynical in mocking the Church and its followers. The poem can be simplistic having a deep that means. The article, ‘There's probably simply no God… at this point stop being concerned and enjoy the life' is usually an account associated with an atheist marketing campaign against adverse religious emails. In contrast to Clough's poem, this encourages individuals to believe what they want to, rather than being criticizing. The metrical pattern of iambic tetrameter/trimetre is childlike but graceful and is juxtaposed with the grim, cynical meaning. The ABCB rhyming routine adds a derisive sing-song quality towards the poem, ‘it's a blessing, for what He may have done around it's just better speculating. ' Clough suggests that in the event there were a God, persons would be punished for an unacceptable that they carry out and this individual presents this kind of evidence in an unattractive gloating manner. It really is in 3 rd person, however the speakers happen to be in initial person. The various voices put texture to the poem and let Clough to mimic and mock various religious stereotypes. He uses these sounds to query whether there is also a God and explore someones beliefs and reasons for staying religious. The article is in 3 rd person which means the writer does not express a personal opinion towards the...


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