gTOK 11 summative assessment quarter 2

Jacqueline Blok


Compare and contrast understanding a friend to knowing how to swim, knowing a scientific theory and knowing a historical period. What findings about characteristics of being aware of can you reach?

Thinking That i knew how to swimming I jumped into a pool area and almost drowned. The main one friend who had been always there for me personally, who I believed I knew, left me without a farewell. Thinking that a light-weight year was obviously a measurement of the time, until I had formed a physics class. My spouse and i though Arizona memorial was simply a movie, right up until we were studying World War 2 in humanities. With asking these types of questions, to ensure in the world we live in today might be difficult.

Understanding a friend might require a connect, which is made through experiences with each other, a notion of the feelings of that good friend and thoughts that run in a deeper level. One may possibly think they knows an individual very well, because of a long-term close relationship or perhaps similar pursuits or likes. However no one other than him self or herself would understand their own thought process, the workings of their own brain, it is impossible to know how come certain actions are performed by somebody else. Only glimpses and ideas may be acquired of the difficulties of the secret mind and personality of oneself. My best friend dislikes exposing her hip and legs, because the girl doesn't think confident enough to show these people. This appears to be a reasonable reason, if she is uncomfortable with her physique, it would be her choice to show it or perhaps not, however deeper psychological factors are involved and many other reasons that i would not be able to think of neither comprehend.

The information of another individual would be largely created away of terminology, perception and emotion. A knower's belief of a friend's action can be affected by emotions; hence the ability of a good friend will be affected too. A notion of a friend may be improved when the feelings of a good friend affects their very own actions in certain situations....


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