Larissa VanderZee

English language 112

30 October 2013

Tourism: Understanding the Tiers behind the Word

It is the season again, that first week of July in which hundreds of thousands of individuals congregate in a town normally not overly populated. That week is called the Nationwide Cherry Festivity. Originating in the late 1920's, the gross annual festival targets the beauty of Northern Michigan using a particular spot light on the cherries harvested in Traverse City's peninsulas every single season. The actions of the doj are free (or low priced), the surrounding beach locations and theme parks are beautiful, and the celebration as a whole draws together the community. So just why, despite these great characteristics, does it truly feel so busy during these brief eight days and nights? What various may do not see may be the disastrous aftermath of the festival. Higher noises levels, increased amounts of cover and squander, and improved traffic are generally negative results from this sort of events. Society commonly views tourism since beneficial to a particular area, once in reality that deteriorates the nearby economy and environment. Generally, one would think that the more people, the more effective an event. Greater groups generate greater acceptance, added riches, and a good reputation intended for the area. Nevertheless , this may not be true. What if, travel and leisure is exactly the opposite of increased riches and fame? Many folks in one group can produce chaos pertaining to larger groups and people. When a family of four chooses to travel to Navigate City during Cherry Festival for a little vacation, they are just one of thousands of other people who are doing the same. It will not help the particular city they are planing a trip to be smaller in size, with a human population just self conscious of twelve to fifteen thousand individuals. With so many additional persons concentrated in one general location, it can be challenging to enjoy one self when planning to focus on keeping together when navigating through the intimidating audience. If they are not really paying close enough focus, they may...

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