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Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

Unit 2 IP

Understanding Electronic Wellness Records


Professor Western world


Here you will be in short , learning just a little on the great medical records and how these people were kept before. With today's technology and the fast-paced growth in the need for health-related, the means of keeping up with individual records must be changed, pointing to the electronic medical documents. This discussion will also cover some examples of advantages and disadvantages and several problems that might occur whilst incorporating an electric system.

Understanding Electronic Overall health Records

The time when the practice of medical record keeping started, may surprise a lot of us today. There is evidence of this kind of practice internet dating back to the fifth hundred years BC. The medical practice was focused by Hippocrates, known as a wonderful physician of ancient Greece (460 BC-370 BC), and others that believed in his functions. During this period, medical records had been a means pertaining to demonstrating the reason for a disease and course these diseases ran. During this period, the Greek supported many different gods and thought that these gods and superstitions caused conditions. At some point on this time, Hippocrates, was sentenced into a 20-year prison sentence because of his philosophy in medication, Optimal Wellness Systems, (2011). Today, health records have made many adjustments, and used for reasons various other just trigger and effect, and will continue to change because technology improvements in time. For many years, paper has been the reliable origin for keeping medical information, but with the use of computer systems today, patient's health documents are staying transformed to electronic overall health records (EHR). Electronic well being records happen to be computer made versions of patient medical histories and is maintained by the patient's medical provider. The patient's electronic health record keeps data especially used for that patient simply, such as...

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