It has been stated often once in a gang you are in it for lifetime, the only way out is loss of life. The experiences and choices Luis J. Rodriguez made proved that affirmation wrong. He shows that you are unable to live life aiming to run.

By the time Luis Rodriguez was two years older his friends and family left Mexico to live in La. Like most people they searched with hope for a better life. They will moved around in W and East LA, always living in poor conditions. In the first place others discriminated and tortured them. Rodriguez had tough times as he himself was associated with gangs yet soon this individual found a way to get rid of it. He was the winner with the 15th Annual Carl Sandburg Literary Arts Award For Nonfiction.

Rodriguez in hope of fitting in got involved with the wrong people and got him self into difficulties. He began to steal by the age of seven. Started to work on the age of 9 to help his family out. He got involved in distinct gangs one of the most known was your Lomas. He took medications and got intoxicated with his " friends". He witnessed and was sometimes involved in, shootings, killings, rapes, porno, robberies, and authorities discrimination. This individual quit university many times. The schools had a parting of levels and Chicanos were simply given professional related classes. He was incarcerated and this individual even attempted to commit committing suicide. He shed his virginity at the age of 20 to a lady named Roberta who this individual did not find out was a prostitute. There were regular battles between Lomas and Sangras. He was trapped among defending his " homeboys" and turning his your life around.

Community Centers began to be set up to try to end gang assault. Chente who had been part of the centers became a mentor to Rodriguez; this individual helped him get through hard times and always supported him. Rodriguez had various talents, this individual played the saxophone, had written poetry, painted murals, and boxed. If he returned to school he was lively in THoMAS-To Help Mexican American Pupils. He began to create a book and even tried to certainly be a peacemaker among gangs at a...


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