xxx business: we will donate five per cent of our profit for every carrier we sell off to the famished children in Ethiopia. then simply there may be a lot of pictures in the poor little children looking at you with miserable eyes wanting that you will make them. this is a common tactic used by companies. for the surface you will think that amazing the company is very kind hearted i must buy more to aid the little youngsters but behind the scenes, there are scheming corporate brain who simply want to make use of such things to gain more income. so will need to businesses take those lead in social responsibility the answer is simply no of course if you only look at this. however , the earth is much more difficult and so is this situation. sure their factors are wrong but they are a lot more effective than NGOS and governments in helping the poor and engaging the world. furthermore since there is no use crying and moping over spilt milk, the methods causing one of the most problems, businesses should take the lead to solve and prevent all of them. thus in my opinion that business should take the lead in social responsibilities. Plutarch the legendary ancient writer who also among different great leaders wrote of Cimon. In Plutarch's terms " he had all the fencing on his fields taken down in order that not only poor Athenians yet even other people could help themselves freely to whatever fresh fruit was in season”. There was simply no hidden agenda in cimon's actions, this individual purely wished to help the less fortunate. That should be the only reason behind cultural responsibility. However , can this ever always be the only purpose to be socially responsible with regards to profit increasing businesses? Zero, definitely not possible. being socially responsible offers unfortunately be a excellent web marketing strategy used by many corporations, especially when the company pledges to provide a certain amount of money for every X amount this earn, in addition, it helps to make a good popularity for the business. Even a child can tell you that when we help an individual, we should certainly not be wanting anything inturn. Yet, businesses are...


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