APHOTUS-Exercise (Chapter 14)

(Directions: Answer this questions in complete sentences (concrete and sentences). (You may need the textbook for more information.

(Assignment must be typed; questions to remain bold; answers in standard font.

1 . The moment did Globe War I begin? The moment did the usa enter World War I? -World Battle I was initiated in 1914 by the killing of Archduke Ferdinand. It ended in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles. В The United States became an element of World Warfare I in 1917.

2 . How many Europeans died during World Battle I? How many Americans? -- There were regarding 10, 879, 000 Europeans who died during Globe War My spouse and i. About a hundred and twenty, 144 Americans died for action of the warfare, of wounds, of diseases, and of additional unknown deaths.

3. How come can Universe War We be known as war of attrition?

- It was a war of attrition because there was a continuous stalemate within the Western entrance between France and Philippines. During this time, not any real improvement was made although a lot of were murdered.

4. That which was so sarcastic about it of Remarque's famous book about Community War I?

5. How come were American troops " badly needed” by the The french language and Uk governments?

six. Why do British and U. T. governments sit about the cargo the Lusitania provides in 1915?

7. How was America's interest and involvement in World Conflict I an extension of the same overseas policy rationale behind the government's decision to wage war of Spain in 1898 (Would DuBois agree)?

8. In accordance to Zinn, once the Usa declared battle with Germany " a national consensus pertaining to war was needed, and the government quickly moved to make such a consensus. ” What activities did the federal government take to produce consensus?

9. Performed the U. S. government's decision to enter World Warfare I trigger an increase in demand for socialism in America, or did socialism's acceptance merely overlap with Many participation inside the war? (In other terms, did the...


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