International Relations ( Social Power of Bangladesh)

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 International Relations  Interpersonal Power of Bangladesh Essay


Electrical power is the ability to direct the decisions and actions more. Power in international relationship means the cabability to influence the threat or perhaps use of power, economic connection or pressure, diplomacy, and cultural exchange. There are three sources from where power of a state could be evaluated. They are: Natural sources, social and psychological sources and artificial sources of electric power.

Natural options for power delivers backstopping or perhaps infrastructure; man-made power delivers hardware and cutting edge while social and psychological sources provides software power.

Sociable power – the ability of your actor to improve the incentive constructions of other actors to be able to bring about effects. There are types of these social sources of electric power: 1 . Self Image

2 . Image of other folks

3. Social cohesion and public support

4. Management

This case is all about these cultural power in the context of Bangladesh.


History: Bangladesh was formed back in the 1971 having a battle against Pakistan. Previously, it was an element of Pakistan and was known as East Pakistan. But the persons of Bangladesh wanted independence, as there have been cultural differences between East Pakistan and west Pakistan. Bengalis wanted their own express; they wished their own authorities and desired to be full sovereign coin. Then while using leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman they started the war up against the superior army power of Pakistan. India also joined Bangladesh to combat against Pakistan. Finally the war was won. As independence, the us government has skilled periods of democratic and military regulation. Current Economic Condition: Bangladesh is a merged economic country where that they follow both social and capitalist system. Despite several economic reforms, however , the region is still far from enjoying a competent market economic system. Bangladesh's overall economy remains typically agricultural, using a relatively small...

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