Kourtney Black


March 3rd, 2012

I had developed not heard of this so far, actually. Google paid their way out of CEO prosecution last year. Not simply was their behavior dishonest, and against the law, it was extremely socially irresponsible to the American people. Google was participating in advertising narcotics and other prescribed drugs for a great illegal Canadian pharmacy for the American internet; making many of these drugs readily accessible to the American people. David Whitaker, analysis inmate and convicted con-artist became asked as a north american government agent who went undercover to prove Yahoo knew exactly what was going on. Google advertisement management accepted the $200, 1000 worth from the government's " set-up” cash to begin promoting. Whitaker gathered emails and recorded calls to provide evidence that Google knew what they had been doing were illegal. Even though it was obvious through the evidence to see that Google representatives knew that the advertisements had been illegal, that they extended Whitaker a " very ample credit line and allowed myself to set my target advertising directly to American consumers. ” On September 24th, 2011, Google paid $500M dollars to pay their fees and avoid criminal prosecution of their C. E. To. Larry Webpage. Through the emails and recordings, it is manufactured obvious that Page knew exactly what was going on. Google was allowing against the law Canadian pharmacies to platform their advertisings on Google and target the American inhabitants. Google allowing American customers to be targeted is absolutely crazy. Google's $500M fine covers the advertising costs and profits from the companies. The Department of Justice also has a " non-prosecution” agreement with Yahoo. Now, exactly what is a " non-prosecution” contract? To me, this all feels like something illegal all the way around. How can a company, any company, purchase their way to avoid it of criminal prosecution? How can a C. At the. O. not really be grouped as a drug peddler who also well is aware of of the proceedings within his company? How does this make...


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